OMNIA TECH is a hash power provider in the cryptocurrency mining industry and was founded in august 2017. OMNIA Co-Founder Robert Velghe publicly introduced the CEO of the company is Milan Sormaz.  The CTO of the company is Thomas Hintermaier. Omnia Tech was in the beginning being promoted as a partner of Genesis Mining. Genesis denied being a partner of Omnia Tech on their Twitter page but did say Omnia was a customer of theirs. Omnia on the other hand clearly stated that the machines they used at Genesis were all owned by Omnia and that Genesis only offered the facility and maintenance of the hardware.

So who do we believe is right? By what I have seen I found no reason to not believe Omnia as a real business, and with Genesis failing to supply more hashpower it was an easy choice. I am tired of the FUD reviews & statements that bloggers & youtubers are making, especially when they are not even inside of the program.

How I experienced Omnia Tech?

My first experience have been all good. Backoffice is easy to understand and I have been told there have been some bumps on the road earlier on, but things are running smoother now and I got no negative remarks yet. Another good thing which most companies struggle with is the transparancy, no issues with that at all here. The company now has their own mining farms, both in Sweden and in Austria,  so link to Genesis is no longer needed.

What does Omnia Tech have to offer and what should I know more?

  • Mining contracts for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash
  • Life time mining
  • No “open-ended” contracts. Let’s say you bought a bitcoin mining package. At a certain moment in time bitcoin is not profitable more to mine Omnia will not end your contract but they will reallocate your hashing power to the most profitable coin at that time
  • Mining farms: Austria and Sweden, soon one Armenia and will be globally launched in august 2018.
  • You can be a passive or active earner. A passive earner is someone that just wants to purchase a mining package and start earning a passive income. An active earner is someone that wants to earn a extra income by  promoting the company and building the binary plan. The beautiful thing is that being an active earner is optional so not doing this part does not affect your mining results.
  • A great compensation plan for active earners.
  • Omnia will have their own mining pools for Ethereum and Bitcoin by the end of May 2018
  • Your payout are based on what package you choose because there is a minimum withdrawal. That means that people with a 100$ package can never expect to receive payments in the same quantity as someone that owns a 8500$ package. I would never recommend no one to start with a 100 package except if your interested in the active earning part.
  • It takes 14 days before your mining starts, counting from the day your purchased your package
  • Omnia takes a one time 49$ registration fee for any package you take. You are free to upgrade later on with no more registration fee.


Omnia Tech Network Compensation Plan

This blog is about the network compensation plan omnia tech offers us.  The awesome thing about Omnia is that you have a choice to either be just a customer or to become a IBO (Independent Business Owner) that promotes the company using network marketing. 38% of the companies budget is spent on marketing, not just the media or social-media marketing but network marketing. Before we start it is very important to know, If you help another person to earn money the company will reward you by giving you bonuses.  So let’s get started:

The Red version is for the following locations: South and Central America, Africa, Asia (South & North),  Middle East, Russia, CIS Area, Oceania
The Blue version is for the following locations: USA, Canada, Europe & Japan

  1. Direct Sales

    As an OMNIA IBO you have the right to sell the Cryptocurrency mining packages and earn a 10% commission on the volume from every package sold! There is no limit to how many packages you can sell and no cap on the amount of income you can
    earn! Our packages range from $500 to $100,000 for the blue plan and for the red plan $100 to $100,000. 1 Volume point = $1 USD. Kickstarter pack is $500 or 500 volume points. An Elite Miner pack is $25,000, thus 25,000 volume points

  2. Team earnings /Binary Commission (Weekly Bonus)

    To be able to earn this bonus you need to achieve the Jade Executive rank first. These commissions are designed to reward you for helping and
    supporting those who join your organization/Team. You can earn 10% from the total volume of your lesser leg(leg with the least amount of volume). The more you help them succeed, the more you can earn. The maximum amount you earn for this bonus is also based on what package you own.

    Package Montly Volume Weekly Cap
    XS Pack N/A N/A
    Starter (red plan) N/A $1,000
    Kickstarter (blue plan) N/A $3,500
    N/A $62,500 $3,700
    N/A 125,000 $4,200
    N/A 250,000  $6000
    Pro Miner 500,000 $8,000
    Strong Miner 750,000  $15,000
    Master Miner 1,000,000  $16,800
    Elite Miner 5,000,000 $28,000

    To earn at a higher cap, purchase another package at the desired level or meet the monthly volume
    requirement. If you purchased a Starter or Kickstarter pack, unlock higher weekly caps by meetng the
    monthly volume requirement. Once reached, that cap is locked in until a higher level is reached.


  3. Leadership Matching Bonus

    You can earn Leadership Matching Bonuses on the Team Earnings of your personally sponsored IBO’s.
    Every person you personally sponsor creates a new line of sponsorship, and you can earn this
    bonus on up to six levels in each line! The chart bellow shows the percentage of check matching bonuses you
    can receive for each level, as you progress through the ranks!
    Every time someone in your enrollment tree makes team commission from their lesser leg, you could earn a
    Matching Bonus!*. L => stands for Level

    1. Jade : No matching bonus
    2. Pearl: L 1 => 4%
    3. Sapphire : L 1 => 4% | L 2 => 3%
    4. Ruby : L 1 => 4% | L 2 => 3% | L 3 => 2 %
    5. Emerald: L 1 => 4% | L 2 => 3%  | L 3 => 2 % |  L 4 => 2 %
    6. Diamond: L 1 => 4% |  L 2 => 3% | L 3 => 2 % |  L 4 => 2 % | L 5 => 1%
    7. Blue Diamond: L 1 => 4% |  L 2 => 3% | L 3 => 2 % | L 4 => 2 % | L 5 => 1% |  L 6 => 0.5%
    8. Black Diamond: L 1 => 4% |  L 2 => 3% | L 3 => 2 % | L 4 => 2 % | L 5 => 1% |  L 6 => 0.5%
    9. Crown Diamond: L 1 => 4% |  L 2 => 3% | L 3 => 2 % | L 4 => 2 % | L 5 => 1% |  L 6 => 0.5%
  4. Team Volume Bonus

    Depending on how much volume your personal team has generated,you have the opportunity to earn apersonal team volume bonus!
    At the end of each month, if the enrollment tree volume of your lesser leg of your binary reaches the values in the chart, you’ll earn the

    25,000 $1,250
    100,000 $4,000
    250,000 $7,500
    500,000 $10,000
    1,000,000 $20,000
    5,000,000 $100,000
    25,000,000 $500,000
    50,000,000 $1,000,000
  5. Rank Advancement Bonus & Reward

    As your business grows, you will have the opportunity to meet various sales and team building milestones that the company has designed to recognize your achievements and status within the company.

    1. Jade : Jade Pin
    2. Pearl: Pearl Pin
    3. Sapphire : Sapphire Pin & Ipad
    4. Ruby : Ruby Pin & Mac Book Pro
    5. Emerald: Company Retreat (Ibiza or Dubai)
    6. Diamond: Caribbean Trip
    7. Blue Diamond: Porsche Carrera 911
    8. Black Diamond: Ferrari 458
    9. Crown Diamond: Lamborghini Aventador













Here is a total overview of all the Omnia Tech prices. You can choose the desired cryptocurrency you want to mine and how much hashing power your able to buy.

Before you buy your mining package their is some information I want to share with you because we are trying to be as transparent as possible

  • All Omnia Tech contracts are NOT  open ended contracts meaning that if the coin your currently mining becomes unprofitable to mine they will reallocate your hashing power to a more profitable coin at that moment
  • Lifetime mining: Omnia Tech does not just say life time mining but their business structure is made to assure that. With the fee their taking from your mining power they will maintain the systems and every 500 days old equipment will be exchanged with new ones. This provides some kind of security that their planning to be around for a long time
  • For the first signup of your omnia account you pay a one time only registration fee of $49. If you decide to upgrade your package in the long run you don’t have to pay the fee anymore.
  • Omnia Tech offers mining packages which give a certain amount of mining power. Lets say you decide to grade up from a $100 to a $500 package. You do NOT pay $400(The difference). It is like buying another package ofcourse without the registration fee but that also means that if you upgraded you don’t have 1 mining package but you have 2 packages. A $100 package + $500 package and you will be receiving mining payouts from both.
  • Their is a 14 day activation period from the moment you for the account. That is to setup your account for the best results.



No business is perfect, but the choice is yours

I decided to keep going with Omnia, they have made it clear they will be here for the future and are expanding their business as we speak. With all the cryptocurrency programs gone bad in 2017 and beginning of 2018 I believe this will be one of the BEST opportunities out there. Network marketing is big, cryptocurrencies are big and combine these and you got a BIG HIT for 2018.

Want to join me being a part of it? You can sign up HERE, but don´t do it if you mean nothing by it. That is just a waste of both your and my time. IF you decide to join, I can be reached at this Facebook profile and will link you up with our team group.