What Is USI-TECH ?

USI-Tech was initially a software product that made you passive income from Forex. Now they have changed the approach to allow more people through the gate. Anyone can now start earning bitcoin with USI-Tech for FREE.


How Does It Work?

A package on USI-TECH is approximately €50 + fees. With these packages, you earn between 0.65% -1.25% per working day until it reaches a total payout of 140%.

The payout days are Monday to Friday giving you 5 payout days through the course of the week.

With the increase in Bitcoin over the past year, this helps grow your Bitcoin. If you just buy Bitcoin it stays the same, if you invest in USI-Tech and compound the interest, you can grow your Bitcoin giving you a higher end total than when you started, giving you a bigger wealth.

You can also refer people into USI-Tech. With over 400,000 members in November 2017, the company is growing at a rapid rate. You earn 10% from a direct sign-up. You can also earn 3% off tier levels 2 and 3. With it going all the way down to 12 tiers earning a staggering 32% total commission in your downline.

Payment Methods

Any BTC Wallet (Recommended) Adding Bitcoin into USI via normal hash address transfers.

Want To Start?

Join my team and I will help you make this profitable. If you join my team, you will get a personal invite our awesome Facebook group!


To join so that you can take advantage of this great opportunity, you need to set an account up – DO IT HERE!

My Success

My USI-TECH adventure started in late April and after losing out big money in other programs earlier on this one have been giving from day one. The rate of the growth of the company and what is to come in the future is looking very promising.

To succeed it will be smart following a good strategy, these are some you could follow:

NB:If you are not a team builder and will use this completely passively, the first two are the safe ones:
1 – The newbie strategy : compound for 14 weeks so you double the amount of your packages. Withdraw for the next 50 working days to recover your initial seed capital and then continue on compound mode for some time to build up the account to reach your set target figure.
2– The Semi-newbie strategy: compound for the first 14 weeks to double packages, then pull out for 5 weeks to recover half of your seed. Compound for another 4 weeks and pull out again to recover another third of your seed. Repeat and keep building afterwards
3– Team Leader and Builder Strategy : You will be having commissions coming from the company so your growth will depend entirely on your efforts and networking skills.
Target 1 – 200 packs – after 200 packs the earnings become bigger due to the ability to repurchase more packs which themselves earn more and add to the rest so it is quicker to build.
Target 2 – Qualify for all downlevels – you need 3 direct referrals with 12 packs each to unlock levels 2+3 and an extra person per each lower level. With time this will happen and you will unlock the 12 levels commission. This will speed up your building process.
Target 3 – 2000 packs will bring you another bonus from the company – the Car Bonus – 800 euros paid to you into your backoffice every month. These can be used for packs or a car, or a donkey…or a skateboard lol as you like.
Target 4 – 5000 packs bring you a bonus of 1500 euros per month.
NB: these are bonuses for team builders, you have to use your commissions to buy at least half of these packs, not your trade earnings.
The maximum amount you can withdraw per day is 2.5BTC so this could be the next target. I know a few people already having reached this which I call maxing out the career plan.


Check Out OJ´s Video From The USI-Tech Event In Mallorca This Summer.

NEWS from London-event in October


If you have any questions, please comment, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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