Many are using social media in their marketing. You invest time and effort in a good sales letter, but will be disappointed when you find that your customer never opens it. Here’s how you get people to open emails from you.

With the technology we use today we can measure the effect of such broadcasts. You can see if – and when your mail was opened.

In today’s perspective, I found an exciting mention of HubSpot, where millions of emails show the average of the number of emails opened, sorted by industry. Most of the senders show a smaller opening percentage than 25, and none of the groups can enjoy over half of the recipients opening their e-mails.

I’ve reviewed the results for you and drawn some tips you can use:

Think like the customer:
In order to reach the customer, you must put yourself in the customer’s way of thinking. How does the customer decide which emails it wants to read or delete?

The first words count the most:
Be appropriate, strategic and creative when choosing subject line and your first sentence

Do it personally:
If the customer thinks that the email is advertising or a campaign you do not like, it will easily be deleted.
Therefore, create e-mails that deal with the customer’s needs as you know them.
Look for ways to personalize the letter, and do not be afraid to be playful or provocative.

Use tools to measure opening speed:
The best way to check if your strategy works is to use measuring tools where you can both see who of the recipients who opened the mail from you and when they did.

There are a number of tools that provide you with such information. Use them regularly to determine which method is best performing. Feel free to ask me which one I use.