How to do it!

1) Keep a Steady Amount of Content

To ensure that your followers never forget about you, but that they also don’t tire of you, be sure to post a steady stream of content. Having a regular schedule for posting will greatly increase your visibility on your fans newsfeed, and doing so will also promote chances for you to add links into your posts.

In addition to posting on a regular basis, it is also recommended to post any time you do updates to your site. Doing this will give you a legitimate post, and also promote not only the changes and updates to your website, but also promote your followers to visit your site.

2) Optimize your Posts and Facebook with Links

It is extremely beneficial to include links to updates, blogs, and changes you make to your website. However, it is also extremely beneficial to include links in other places on your Facebook page, especially the About section; you can use your About page to direct people to different areas of your website. The more traffic to your website, the better chance you have of getting more business from your online presence.


3) Advertise

Facebook has added a new feature over the last year that allows you to pay an amount of money decided by you to get your site “promoted.” Promoting your page means that Facebook will include it into the newsfeed of those that follow you, ensuring that they are more likely to visit your Facebook more often, which in turn will lead to more visits to your website.

By implementing a structured and disciplined Facebook presence, you can boost the traffic to your website through your Facebook page. Placing links to your site and utilizing Facebook’s paid promotion feature will allow you to reach a wider audience through the world’s most popular social media platform, and afford you the opportunity to communicate with your customers on a more personal level, with a faster response time. Even though over 25 million small businesses have their own Facebook page, many businesses still do not. If you have not set up a Facebook page for your business, or have one but rarely post to it, now is the time to get more active; it could greatly increase your website traffic, and your online sales.

4) Free Traffic in Groups

Im saving the best for last. Starting a business both online and offline may be more expensive than you were thinking at first, and marketing is probably the budget-post you will cut first. Big mistake I would say, but there might be some free traffic opportunities.

If you are an online entrepreneur I am sure you are familiar with different Network marketing groups, Work from home groups or MLM Groups on Facebook. There are thousands of groups out there and you search for what you think might be right for you. F.ex if you live in New York and want to come on contact with people there, try do a search for “Work from home New York”. You will find sellers and opportunity seekers in these groups.

My best advise for you to succeed posting in these groups are DO NOT SPAM, make your post stand out as something special, link to your blog and ask people to visit for more info. If you do not have a blog, go get one now.  It is a much more powerful way of promoting yourself and your opportunity with a blog. You can have one for free at WordPress  or buy ur own domain and use the Sitebuilder platform🙂

Till next time, enjoy your day and I hope you learned something today as well.