Strategy 4: Use Facebook LIVE

Hallelujah,  I Love Facebook LIVE (but I think its scary too). I’m always a little nervous before I go live, but lately I try just to forget there might be an audience. You can get a lot of views in almost no time. It’s totally wicked what exposure you get with LIVE today.

Do you think it’s too difficult or scary to go LIVE, forget it. LIVE is easy to use and the fastest way today to create engagement on Facebook page.

Forget about being super pro or that you have to know everything. People are spending time on Facebook to “connect” with their relationships and to be entertained – give them some learning / inspiration, share a good story.

Perhaps this is why LIVE broadcasts where it goes slightly off the rails are the ones with the most views. Be yourself, talk to the camera….I am still working on that part, I´m just a little bit scared of eye-contact with myself.

Remember: If you want to get shares of Facebook LIVE video you need to involve your viewers, talk to them and with them, encourage them to write questions in the comment field. Deliver content which is good – and if it contains a mistake or two, well that shows you´re human 😉


Strategy 5: Use video

Maybe you think Facebook LIVE can be a little scary, try record videos and put those out. Videos where you share value or are helping others to solve a problem that is whats getting a lot of commitment and attention on Facebook. No need to be a superstar. You just need to be you, there is only one of you – and you are unique.

Strategy 6: Create “Questions and Answers” hour

Your customers and followers would love for your to help them in some way. Probably customers and your followers have questions that the feel you can help them with. You can do so on Facebook and create commitment.

You can for example easily create a “Q&A hour” for your followers on Facebook. Make a post, promote the time you decide to do, you would even make a poster in Canvas with “Ask ME about anything”.

You could do it LIVE, but there is no problem if you don´t do it that way, just you ask your followers or customers to post their questions during picture-post – and then answer the questions there. Then you’ll naturally get involvement and comments, both from those who receive help from you and not least, from other readers.

Strategy 7: Share content of value

If you find an article or video on Facebook that you like and you find it likely that your followers will also like it, SHARE IT. It is ok to share other people’s content, and Facebook likes that you do it. If you want others to share your content, well then it’s smart to be a sharing others content too, agree?

If you are just posting things about you, you and you, you will bore both followers and yourself to death