Who wants dedicated followers on Facebook?

Are you tired by the lack of response on your Facebook posts?

I want to let you in on some secrets you can use to change the response from your audience.

When we get more people to see what we post, that is a great help in building  relationships and get to know more followers and potential customers.


So what can you do?

I think the most important thing you need to focus on to get engagement on Facebook are:

– To create a relationship with people on a personal level.

Focus on building relationships, and that you personally are much more important to get engagement than sharing a smashing article now and then. Do not forget that Facebook is primarily a venue to “connect” with and keep in touch with your relationships, friends and family.

– So the same “rules of the game” to get commitment applies, whether you post content on business or your personal page.

To help you get started so I share the strategies I try to use in my business (following the book and what everyone else doing is sometimes quite hard). There are different strategies  for creating commitment. You can try out these and see which gives you the best engagement.

Strategy 1: Ask questions

To ask specific questions is one of the best and easiest ways to get a response and commitment from your followers.

For example:

Who is winning Premier League? I put my money on Spurs …

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you  go?

I´m going to Paris on Friday – where should I stay? Have not stayed in the city for years.

Strategy 2: Use inspirational quotes

The quotes should be in image format and look appealing visually. Only text without picture rocker not so much. Should you get splits and commitment it is important that it inspires and that people notice it in news feed.

Photos and videos will be shared much more frequently than just text-posts, so take the time to learn and use Canva to you get your favorite quotes in image format.

You do not have to do it super fancy, easy is most times the best way to go.

I do only share quotes I know creates emotions in me and that is personal. That will let the readers get to know more a little better , and they like the same quote as we become a little more “connected” as a bonus.

And remember that you can reuse your most popular quote images. I do it frequently, and have several favorite quotes that go in rotation.


Strategy 3: Ask for help

We all love to help others right?

Chances are you are one of those who love to be helpful?

I frequently comment on other peoples walls when people ask for tips or advice, that could be anything from how they should eat on a diet or how they should do a due diligence before joining a new business. Being helpful gains trust and trust is important when it comes to building relationships.

Want more tips?

Tune in the coming days, there will be more coming 🙂