When You Know Your WHY

Your WHY affects everything – WHY you think the way you think, WHY you talk the way you talk, WHY you act the way you act (both in business and in life) and much, much more.

The WHY is about providing you with clarity that allows passion to manifest and in turn becomes inspiration – the inspiration to improve all aspects of your own life, inspire those around you and make the world a better place.

From early philosophers such as Friedrich Nietzsche and Eugene Ionesco to modern-day visionaries like Dr. Frumi Barr and Dr. Gary Sanchez, the quest for understanding and discovery of purpose remains unabated. All of us want to know “What is the plan? Where do I fit in? Why me? Why now? Why does it matter?”

With the WHY, we take a decidedly more practical approach. Rather than focus on the philosophy of WHY,  you should go straight to the point of what you do. My own experience finding my WHY was a bumpy ride. In the beginning I didn´t come up with a strong WHY at all. Want to know the reason? I was to comfy with my own situation, my goals were not BIG enough and I were lazy. One conversation, 30 minutes going over all what I had been doing to a certain point was what I needed. I had been doing all my things just as I should, but in the beginning I got lazy after some quick results and I was counting on the same results coming on their own.  I was not happy at all with  tools that will help you live a richer and more rewarding life and build a better business – and if, in the process, the universe makes more sense to you, we’ll consider that a bonus.

While the WHY journey may be proven challenging at different times, you will need to put that WHY into your mind EVERY day. Think of it when you wake up, think of it when you are thankful for something, put words on it and make it REAL. You should hold nothing back and manifest your goals and share what you do with others, thats a great feeling. There are lot of different strategies working finding your WHY, and the only thing I can guarantee you is that you will need to find your WHY on your own.

I finally found mine. I got two girls at 6 and soon 8 years, and we made a deal just a few days ago. When the oldest turn 10 years we will be going on their dream-trip to Euro Disney. It will cost enough and I figured financial freedom is my goal. I don´t want to be just ok anymore, I want to be able to choose my own path, step out of my comfort zone, do what needs to be done and FOCUS. Then I asked myself again, why do I want financial freedom? Money can´t buy me happiness, but what can? Love is what is giving me happiness, money is just a bonus, and being able to give my girls what they want and what they need is all I want to do.

From now I´m not here to be average, I´m here to ROCK! My girls are my WHY and the best motivation to NEVER give up!

Be good, be strong!